I was done with seven and half chapter but now I was getting
frustrated, and it was been too long, I talked to the Sir and asked to
distribute the chapters to everyone.
The same day I posted a mail, asking for whosever is interested and
the next I gave the presentation on how- todos. But very important,
before the presentation, I asked to choose the chapters themselves, so
that no-one can blame me for more or less work 😛 Everyone randomly
chose the chapters and I think this was a smart trick 😛

In the presentation, just gave the small overview of LaTeX, then
coming to the important points:

  • How to use the macros, like I had defined the macros images i.e for
    subfigures, tables, itemize and certain more. Showed them the usage of
  • About the equations: As there were lot of equations, ensured for
    the usage of the particular packages
  • And certain more 😛

    Now, the things were distributed, hope to have the book soon.