Yesterday, I showed my book flip task to everyone. Right now it was on stage-1 i.e I just set layout of it, user able to flip pages of book. But I was lagging with so many crucial features like zoom effect, flip book with keyboard keys, linking with each chapter and many more. As sir need it asap so instead of leaning what’s going inside example code I decided to took some part of example which just flip-book with mouse click. After reviewing by sir I found he was expecting much better than what I made :-/. Everything goes Topsy-turvy. After leaning sir’s review I woke up, without doing bath and else I jumped to my laptop and start modifying it according to sir’s expectations. By late evening I was able to complete my task with all such properties which I failed to add in previous one but still zoom effect missing :P. In this task I learned new thing to give original book effect I made first and last page hard like in book first and last page is hard rest soft.
Finally I updated my work waiting for review from everyone :). Next, I recognized that sir assigned me task that I have to made any one chapter of that book with my own style i.e I force LaTeX to place stuff where I want. After working till early morning I’m able to complete my task.
Hush! now I’m confused what name should I assign to my this Sunday. Hectic or learning Sunday. Hmm! confused :D. It’s 5:00 AM finally get a chance to take good nap!.