I posted a mail by generating the two pdfs, one where LaTeX does the things by itself another where I decided to set the content. In short for images and table in one pdf [htbp] tag on and for another it should be off. I took to much time to create these two pdf as it’s all about mathematics so somewhere I need to use $$ sign to print results and in another I have to remove that signs which is time consuming process. Meantime I faced hell lot of error which is abvious, noticing very small small things sometimes become difficult.
After compelition of pdf’s I found that somewhere pdf with [htbp] off also lag as stuff inside pdf is distorted at some places but no that much as it was in pdf generated by LaTeX. Today sir checked my work after long discussion he pointed out still I’m not making good use of LaTeX power. Still I need to learn more. He suggested me some tags in LaTeX like orphan, flush etc. which I’m going to use in next pdf which is my next task.
Hope for the best đŸ˜€