Doing with the pdfs. I needed to simplify with things too. The code
was too messed up. Decided to have table macro such that it detects
that 1 row has 4 arguments and then shifts to the next line.

Too many confusions how to create a macro. I started with the creating
a macro for list items i.e \begin{itemize} \end{itemize} now starting with “\bi” and
ending “\ei” helps me to itemize the things. But the table marcro gave
me little problems. Communicated and shared my code on IRC and I just
defining and declaring the wrong number of arguments. Corrected and the
things worked out :).

After doing 3-4 discussion on IRC finally table macro start working.
Now I just need to write “\ with 4 arguments> // inside \btt and \ett .”

Enjoying and Learning 🙂