Ah! I missed the yesterday’s mail. Amrit posted a mail regarding the
printing of the book using LaTeX. Latex! one my favorite technologies.
I suddenly viewed the mails again I replied to work on it.

Today I was very excited to work on it and thought that it would be
quite easy and even not much. But when Amrit told me that it was about
16-17 pdfs each having 20-21 pages, I was shocked. After that while
copying the content we placed certain problems, it misprinted some of
the words or showed spaces in between, so it was little time

Continuing it, I found that in about first 10 pages they were simple
paragraphs but Moving further found it full of proper maths equations.
I have much exprience about them in LaTeX. As the equantions were also
of little higher level. We need proper alignments everything. After
the 10 pages, I m still at the 17th one. It gave me lot of errors, so
it is taking bit of the time.

Hope to complete the things soon.