Working with the parser, while converting the file format from xcad to ecad gave me hell lot of errors. Spent one day on understanding and solving the errors and finally the one sided conversion from xcad to exad was done.

I have added all the functions in .y file which looks untidy indeed messy. Worked on code clean up according to the coding standards.

Besides this, I noted certain differences between the dxf file that is converted from felt and one normal dxf file. Seeing the dxf file, when I tried to add or compare the properties to felt converted dxf file again it gave me many differences.

Also, I faced an error giving message “Parser parse error before header”. When I saw the qcad dxf file it showed 999 but not felt converted dxf, I thought only that was the thing.

Feeling that I am following a wrong approach. It can’t take too long 😦
But I can read a dxf file I know the meaning of almost every point I guess. So will take benefit of that and accomplish the things ASAP.