Finally my interview day came, thanks 😛 Surely I had to wait I knew
that 😦 The tragic thing that happened with me was my registrations
forms were misplaced by them. Disgusting! At one moment I seriously
wanted to kill them:P
After pressurizing them, they found and it was lying in the stack of
reject list 😦 I didn’t have an interview and my name in reject list.

Finally they gave a call for technical interview. Surprisingly except
the question what is OOPs, he asked nothing technical:P. Asked me
about my family and my interests. It was over within 20 mins. I
cleared the round, got a call for next but again my form lost. Again
in reject list! I didn’t knew what they people were doing.
Whatever, next was MR round, and went for about 40 minutes:P He asked
me about my family background and so many Why(s). Why non medical, why
IT, Why…?

Finally last round left HR round but I was waiting for the result of
my previous round. I was feeling bit nervous as only 150 students were
left out of 500 and didn’t knew where will my destiny take me to.
Ah! sigh of relief, called for the next round. Seemed little different
but the HR interviewer asked me to write a code, did that. Asked
certain questions why computer is my passion, talked about my
interests and over.
I had a good experience and felt little good too as I was among 150’s
from the 12000s. But I struggled with my hunger a lot. I ate only only
2 times in the span of three days and was very much tired.