So, today I planned to go through the Placement process of HP(Hewlett
Packard). It was decided the bus facility would be the college
faculty, about 300 students of the college went there. After reaching
there we saw a long queue of students waiting for the registration
and verification purpose. It took about two hours to enter the college
gate even.
There were approximately 12000 students! I was just shocked to see and
surprisingly found Piyush Parkash there too πŸ™‚
My registration number was in 6000 series and we were assigned to give
the aptitude test at about 6 P.M. Mean time we were free just had
little fun in combination with the studies.
Finally our turn came, firstly we people were invited for the
Pre-Placement talk and then for the test.
The paper pattern I found was too good atleast for me πŸ˜› It had a very
good taste of C along with little verbal and quant part. The questions
of C carried the most of the weight-age dealing mostly with pointers,
left and right shift operators and little concept of destructor.
After giving the test we were informed to leave. At about 12 at
midnight I got a call informing that I have been selected for the
interview as I have passed the test. 500 students were selected out
12000, one was me πŸ™‚