I am now over with the read task of the files. To allow the points
saved in .dxf to exported to Corduroy, write operation is to performed. I
have started working on the write operation.

I have made a simple function that performs the write operation, but it needs li
ttle modifications to allow it work efficiently. Moreover, I am going through th
e Corduroy files, got to know what is the concept being used when the line is draw
n and now looking for the circle.

Also I went through C++ to grab a little more about the concepts that were not m
uch clearer to me.

Beside this I read basics of corduroy−element mesh generation description file format
Basic syntax for corduroy is like this :


  • [Initialization]
    It defines parameters common to all generatorsand has the following syntax.
    start-node =expression
    start-element =expression
    constraint =name
    material =name

    The default start-node and start-element is one.

  • [generators]
    The generators section contains specifications for generating the elements and the associated nodes.The section has the following syntax.

Also done with the line, grid, quadrilateral-grid generator. Reading more about brick and triangular generator.