Working with dxf, till now I am done with implementation of certain entities and the layers too, handling almost all the properties of layers.

After doing this much of work I went to Sir, he told me the code such powerful that it can tell the total lines, circles etc drawing consists of. He also something related to point too but it just skipped from my mind, need to confirm the things again. Side by side working on the write of the dxf.

Also, today was the  Sapient’s aptitude test. I went there without any preparation that really bad on my part. But whatever it went good:)
It consisted of 4 sections
1) verbal ( antonyms, synonyms , passage related question)
2) quantitative
3) technical ( full of data structures and very little of basic concepts of programming)
4) logical reasoning

Next on 26 another company will be visiting for the recruitment process preparing for it and side by side continuing with the wonders of dxf.