Today when I reached TCC found everyone was sitting outside as there was function in the TCC hall. I was all ready to use the libdxf file as suggested by the Sir yesterday. I was set that by hook or crook I need to use and implement the things using dxflib today only!

Suddenly I was remembered of the Jasvir and Gagan’s mail. Jasvir and Gagan had done some of the work on dxf. I went to Gagan’s Repo, cloned and installed the things but it gave me an error. I called Gagan and he told one of the libraries libdxf 0.57 needs to be installed.

After that I asked Jasvir, he told that line and circle had been implemented. Disussed with Hitesh and planned to embed more of the entities like arc, ellipse, polyline etc. Only the file named implementation.cpp needs to changed.

After that there was a some test called SkillWill, just went for that and continued with my work:)