I was through with dxf file. I had read and was satisfied that I have understood the things. I learnt how to read the code and the code for each entity was at line number 1296.

Now the testing began! What I did was doing chose the co-ordinates randomly and saved it in .crd extension. It was all done to understand the work-flow of the things. After that converted into .flt but it gave ccw error, the error symbolized that the co-ordinates need to be clockwise direction. Corrected the things and it worked smoothly.

I also tried to implement the code for the boundary in Felt and was able to do that. Now thought to generate a triangular mesh and was done with that too.

The next thing was to run the .flt file in Qcad, converted the Felt file to dxf and that worked out in Qcad. After all this talked to Sir and discussed the things with him. He told there is no need to do lot of mess, simply use libdxf lib and you would be able to handle the things.

I feel very much lucky to do this project. Getting to learn new and newer things. All seems really interesting!