Seminars are always scheduled to be held on Saturdays. Mostly todays Seminars consisted of GD-Re-entry tasks. The students who were to give presentation today were:

1) Satwant, she gave the presentation on solving the simultaneous equations using Skyling method. It was not upto the mark but she was given a chance to prove her again the coming Saturday.

2) Darshpreet, Jagmeet, Navdeep: Task was regarding FEM, They showed the wonderful video regarding FEM on you tube, They accomplished their tasks well. Along with FEM task, told about differential equations and are in GD for completing their task.

3) Balpreet, presented  whatever she has done till now related to the Civil coding for load balancing as well discussed the problems.

4) Sameer Pujani: Explained the working of his Syllabus management system using WordPress.

5) Gurjit Mehta gave presentation on Front-End Development, told that Front-End-Development is about giving life to a design, we can’t imagine a website without it, need to stay updated for latest technologies, JS is inconsistent but JQuery resolves cross platform problems, Geo Locations are very very important.
Also there was lot of discussion regarding the word Cascading in Css.