Today I decided to completely go through the dxf file. It was too huge with too many lines of code and was not sure from where to start and what to read. I thought to talk to Hitesh as he have wonderful of ways of learning the thinks. He told to break the lines of code, delete by line by line see the changing results. As if we draw line by hit and trail we need to find where the whole code can be stored for that particular entity.
The piece of code contained something like layer by, removed the whole layer by part and when I saw the result nothing was drawn.
Then I commented the things line by line enclosed within the layer by part. I also got to know how the thickness of line can be changed. It was approximately 2500 lines of code. I adopted a trick first saved the default file of qcad , then made wrote code for drawing different entities like line, circle and compared with the default file using the diff command.
I am done with the dxf work heading forward towards next step. I know the paths what to follow but do not know how to follow. Now confused whether to save the point in dxf then save in .crd and then covert to .flt or to to generate a mesh in .flt and again convert to dxf and show in qcad. Thinking to do experiments.