Today there was some TCS seminar as I was late I thought I missed
something :(. I went to Sir asking for it he said that it doesn’t matter
and even the reviews by other GD members too illustrated that :).

Sir pointed out for my incomplete daily diary. I just went into the
shock that how I can forget to do such an important work. I have set
the alarm now to write my daily diary really daily :P.

After compiling QCAD on Qt 4.8.2 , I tried to run it on 5.3.1, there
was one error after removing that it worked out. But when I again
tried to run it on 4.8.2, it gave me hell lot of errors, Charu
suggested me to remove some files and then try , but again it didn’t
worked and now it was not even working on Qt 5. Compiled it again :(.

Also, there were the discussions regarding eCAD too. I will be part of
that also now. Right now examining QCAD source:)