Today I reached TCC at 10:OO. I got bit late and thought I would miss
the part of todays presentations. But fortunately the presentations
didn’t started yet. We had mostly all the slots booked for the 6 weeks
The presentations stared with Saloni, Ashu and Amit. They explained
just his/her own experience and what all they had learnt during and
after the training was officially over.
After that we had a presentation by Gunpreet and Arun. They presented
their work and were suggested to improve their slides. Sanjeet gave a
presentation on MathPiper.
Also, I gave the presentation regarding my Felt work. Sir pointed out
that I was following the wrong approach and explained with the help of
example as:
Nodes: Define nodes having node ids, coordinate x, y, z. might be used
for checking. Node can be constraint and force. Constraint can be
either Free or Fixed.
Truss element : Nodes, Material.
Material property: Steel
-preview, – summary, -matrices – These three options were used while
running the file.
A graph was rendered in the best possible way with -preview option. It
represents truss using horizontal, vertical and inclined elements. For
each element, it should calculate and give matrix and calculations
Now, I am trying to understand the workflow as suggested by Sir