Don’t know what to write in this post. Frankly speaking from last 2-3 days I’m no doing work properly, output that I’m producing is about 10% or less which stand nothing for me. Don’t know what I’m doing, what’s running in my mind :-/. Everytime I tried to do something ( code and all), something stops me to do that thing. Unable to concentrate on one particular thing. I wish I could program my mind

#ifndef _do_work_with_concentration_
#define _do_work_with_concentration_

Day-before-yesterday I was assigned by a task of librehatti. I have to work on 1st April problem not very much cleared what he said while assigning task but I know what to do. Flow chart is in my mind. I tried to dive direct onto work/task but no luck because I don’t know even a single word of python code. I have done work in Django but year before, need to revise everything. But it will take little time now it’s like turning book pages.

From last 2 or 3 days what work I have done here it is in brief.

1). MAC OS X installation ๐Ÿ˜›
Few days before I posted that I successfully installed MAC OS X. Well that OS is 10.5.6 version which snow leopard. Why I want to use apple OS? Basically I want itunes, it is there is 10.5.6 but older version as it is not compatible with iOS 7 for this we have to use 11.0 or higher version of itunes. Secondly, I want to develop iPhone app me myself. Can say for learning purpose and for enjoyment so I have to use Xcode which is only available for apple OS. Thirdly, Swift programming language, they claimed it is damn faster let’s see how fast it is. Right now Xcode beta 6 version support it.
I tested 10.8 version, 10.8.2 version 10.8.5 version but nothing worked huh!. I wasted almost 13 or 14 GB of data on downloading these OS. Each OS stop booting whenever I tries to boot them. Why?. Damn UEFI huh!.
I tested various tools, I never hear about them before like iBoot-ivy-1.1.0, FakeSMC, Clover, Kexts, few patches for kernel like voodoo’s, HWsensor and many more. Feels good while using them but I have very less idea what I’m doing as everything seems like What kind ofย  heck! is that.
Finally after 2 days of searched I found MAC OS X Maverick 10.9.0.iso file, while downloading I was little afraid what if this produce same error, what should I do then. I have to take risk but I already used 15GB of data so now internet speed slows down. I requested Chanpreet to download that iso for me. Today she handover me that 5.85GB of .iso file. God bless her. I start installation process, No! no! no! not again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it stuck at ” boot: ” screen. Why this happens to me? I search about this error while searching i’m just praying that I get solution for this. Hopefully I read on someone’s blog that he face same. After reading his long blog post I came to know that, that was not an error that is how it start ๐Ÿ˜› You have to boot it by using boot flags. I used -v flag and hit enter. After 10 minutes I was on cloud9 as it successfully boot up and apple logo is there. I created partition disk and all other requirements and 42 minutes later in successfully installed MAC OS X 10.9. Hurray!

2). Python
I’m have started reading python from yesterday onwards and I completed first 3 chapters which is OK. Not too slow not too fast. What I love about python is that it’s a straight forward english language eg:
>>>i = 4
>>>print i
That’s it you got an output, not like C/C++ that we need to include header files and that cout, printf. Every abstracted in python and encapsulated which is good for newbie programmer or bad don’t know but it’s good ;).

Seems like I have done nothing in these past days, tries to cover in coming days. Hope for best.