After acquiring the knowledge of three functions used in Felt I
started to learn them out. The function intialize problem is used to
read the .dxf file. At the same time I also explored pathwork.h file.
It was just 15-20 lines of code and I took it lightly expecting that I
could understand it in very few time. But I forgot that it was a
header file and 15-20 lines of code means heavy linkage :(.

While studying the header file I went through the function node
<node-name>(double x, double y, double z, force Force, constrain Constraint). I
kept on reading but was not getting what is it. Blank! Couldn’t
understand where this function came from and what was it meant to do.
Then in the doucumentation there was fe.h header file in the include
directory where I found typedef for node and for its parameters, and
even for the angular displacement

After a lunch break, continued with my work. Also, there was a
presentation by Jasvir on Django. As the release date for LibreHatti
is quite near, it was decided that now every traniee needs to
contribute a little in it. First, I was not ready to work on it. I
went to Sir asking for his decision and he advised me devote little
little time to each project. Now I have decided to work 4 hours each
on Felt, Souvenir and LibreHatti. I will re-experience Django and
Python once more after my last year’s Project :).

I have assigned to work on Vouchers in Librehatti. I have started my
tour with it. I have installed MAC on my system which does not have
compatibility with itunes due some version problem so I needed to
install it again, and it has created many problems. I lost my terminal
and system crashed 😦 Due to that I couldn’t devote much time on
Librehatti but will accomplish my task very soon 🙂