Ah! finally Sunday, obviously I woke up late  around 1:00 P.M :P. I had no plan how to make my Sunday awesome, what code should I do. Around 3:00 P.M I started working on FElt.  I’m looking into FElt code and everything bouncing over mind OMG! what’s going on no idea. I took a lil bit break and searched about FElt finite element analysis. First link, second, third and so on didn’t find anything useful.  After an hour later I searched again and I can’t believe that I found master piece, it’s FElt dxf.c workflow image. FElt patchwork dxf.c

Awesome I know how to search haha!. I dive into code and start exploring each and every file, what I found is that I have to go through each and every file. As in some there is function definition and same function declaration is in another file. So I start reading file from bottom to up. After spending 2-3 hours on it I found that there are three main function on which dxf.c is working ( Maybe I’m wrong but I found these functions )

Functions :-
int     InitializeProblem ()      // Definition at line 44 of file util,.c.
int     ReadDXFFile (char *name)     //Definition at line 41 of file dxf.c.
int     WriteDXFFile (char *name)     //Definition at line 135 of file dxf.c.

Now my main target is to find out out how these function work, which one is using which header file and why, how to co-relate with each other and so on. It’s a small cum big achievement for me.  It’s about 10:00 P.M, ah! can’t read anymore code, fed up, totally fed up. It’s been 6 hours that I’m continuously working on FElt, now can’t take it anymore Phew!. Want to taste something else, something more tastier than FElt, something that I never experienced. Hmm what to do, what to do, YES! install MAC OS X  in ubnutu. Wait it was tried before by gagan but it will not run. After few weeks later I found Vigas able to install Hackintosh on this machine. I asked him how he did it he said he changed kernel blah! blah! everything jumped over my mind. But I always want to use MAC OS X, i’m big fan of Apple. I want means I want :D.

After searching I found we can install MAC OSX by using qemu. All we need is “iPC_OSx86” special OSX iso file. After downloading that iso file (hush! 3.8 GB in size) I dive into it’s installation. After 3 hours magic happen, ultimate magic happen. I can’t believe that MAC OS X running on my machine. It’s like oh! my gosh I did it :D. But in qemu OS X runs slow it will take 2-3 seconds to move mouse cursor from one point to another. I planned to deploy it in virtualbox. And in virtualbox it runs like, like i’m using MAC pro :P. It will take 20 minutes to install and configuration. That’s how my personal MAC OS X looks like in virtualbox


Always want to use Apple’s OS but never get a chance. Now chance is mine, machine is mine and OS X is mine :D.