I reached at 9:30 and continued with my Felt work. It was Kamal’s birthday today
that made my day enjoyable. We had a great party and that too two times.

After the Birthday celebration there were presentations:
1) Muskan on Natural coordinates which was her GD Re-entry task.
2) Two Electronics Students on PCB’s and gesture control.
3) Sanjeet on MathPiper as GD Re-entry task.

After coming home I  installed MAC on virtual box but there was little
problem with itunes. Although itunes work well on Windows but yet I
wanted to have it in MAC OS X. There was some problem with UEFI
mode settings, but I was stuck with my decision that I want to have it
in Ubuntu only and didn’t wanted to operate in Windows. I don’t know
how I will do it, but by hook or crook I will.