After guided by sir how to run FElt I dived into it. Version 3.7.1 is
throwing some error, even it has been installed well still it’s not
I have pre-installed version of FElt which is 3.7.1. Sir claimed that
it was running on experimental (Version is 3.0.5 ) and he copied
master branch from and
when he installed that to his laptop, it worked well. Both versions
3.7.1 and 3.0.5 are present in his machine but when sir did

$felt -version (it gave output)

which is obvious that he recently installed pavossos master branch
which overwrite files of 3.7.1. Even velvet ( GUI part ) works well in
his machine.

1). After learning everything from this, I too installed pasvossos
master branch and after installation I got

$felt -version

But when I did “velvet <filename>” it opened but still threw same
error message (which we get in 3.7.1 v) i.e Aborted (core dumped).

2). I un-installed everything and now I installed 3.0.5v first then
3.7.1v. Now felt command working but not velvet again Aborted (core

3). I uninstalled everything again ( this time even man pages 😛 ) and
installed one more time. Firstly 3.7.1v then 3.0.5. Now both felt and
velvet commands are running, and velvet is throwing no error message
but when I’m trying to open any other velvet file from GUI window it
does not open. No error nothing, just refreshed to old one. I need to
close it and run velvet once again for every particular file.

4). I cloned pavossos master from his github repo and download tar.gz
folder of FElt from sir’s experimental account plus 3.7.1v and merge
them to one, i.e pasvossos + sir’s + 3.7.1 into one. When I tried to
run cmake ../ it worked fine. But when I ran ” make  “command, it runs
upto 1% and then error message. Something array error that array is in
this file not declared.( Forgot to note that error 😦 )

5). Next I prepared myself to work on command line and don’t want GUI
and started reading about FElt. But [OT]  : ” Dil hai ke manta
nhi :P. ” back to installation and searching why GUI not working.

6). Finally I decided one more try. this time firstly I installed
3.7.1v then 3.0.5v. Viola! both GUI and felt command working now. But
this is short-cut method which is wrong.

7). I don’t know what came to my mind, again I deleted everything (
each and every singe file again ).  I tried 3.7.1v even 3.0.5 I was
thinking what should I do. “Release-3.8” strike into my mind
immediately. I read it somewhere, I searched and searched. About half
an hour, I came to know that I saw this word here =>

It’s a branch name in pavossos github repo. I cloned one more time his
FElt repo and this time I did checkout to release-3.8.


1). git clone
2). cd felt
3). make all
4). sudo make install

FElt installed with version 3.0.5
YES! both GUI and felt command are working.