From few days I am not taking the proper sleep as I work for the whole
night and usually go to sleep at 7 or 8 AM resulting into restless
day. But today after sleep at 8 AM and I woke at 6:00 P.M. Really feeling
very much ashamed for waking up too late. After an hour I started

Though I succeeded in installing FElt and made a simple application
in RoR but that’s not enough yet. I need undergo each and everything because
when I will working on FElt I need to use C/C++, HTML, CSS, JS, Database and
even a bit of RoR code etc as I choose RoR as my framework for FElt. So to make
my base strong I decided to make the same blog application using compass and more which was earlier made using HTML only. Also want to clear more concepts of Rials and database.

I also tried to use bit of compass and SaSS in Ruby on Rails. But when
I tried on advanced level, unable to cope up. I was disappointed by
that. So I wanna  explore little more so that I can enhance my skills
and using them to dive into FElt.