It has been three days working on the Ruby and till now some
interesting application needed to be built up. I decided today not to
copy-paste the things and do everything by typing myself. My motive
behind it was so that I can go through the possible errors and
solutions to resolve them and secondly I would come to know about the
suitable keywords to search them up and enhance my skills. I wanna
explore more and more.

I started to work on a Blog application- CRUD . The very first step
was to get a welcome page through localhost:3000. CRUD focuses on the
following operations
1) Create
2) Read
3) Update
4) Delete

At first the blog is created, then it reads the values from database,
displays, and create models to store the values in the database
allowing to fetch from the database also. When any problem comes it is
updated and even we have the deletion operation.

I worked on these CRUD operations and have learnt to apply the
validations. The problem with which I am strugging is to add a model
within another or add a second model. I am not getting the concepts
for it. So, right now I am focussing on it :).