After the smooth process of installation of Ruby on Rails I stepped onto the official documentation of it. I am learning this language as I have been assigned to work on
1) Open Street View
2) FeLT (FEA/ Finite Element Analysis)
and I chose “Ruby on Rails as my framework”. Even from the views I
have read it is beating up the Django too. It just attracted me and I
took my tour on this Ruby Rails 😛

I am working step by step as mentioned in its official guide. The
database that is being used up is Sqlite-3 and not MySQL.

It is very much simple to start with it. To make a new project you
just need to type

$ rails new <project-name>

and you are done! It automatically generates the files such app, bin,
config, db etc.

It is just the beginning but along with it I need to spend some time
with the Souvenir too. As the image uploadation is main hindrance that
is preventing to release the alpha version of it. To overcome it I am
searching and trying with new things.