As usual Saturday was a presentation day. The three presentations were scheduled for this Saturday.

1) Souvenir
3) Inder’s GSOC project.mi

The day started with our(Souvenir) presentations. Satwant and Ravina introduced everyone with the word Souvenir and Yaadein(our project name). All went smoothly, there were few questions a stand arguments and all settling down satisifactorily. But when I came for the explanation of the GUI part, I was surrounded with too many questions and too many mistakes. Even for the sometime stuck on image uploading part, had a heavy dicussion on it. After that we had a lunch break and the most interesting part our presentation continued after the lunch break also. But this time came to know about many of my mistakes that we have commited. Heading forward to make everything perfect đŸ™‚

After that there was a presentation by CAD team, discussing what have been done so for followed by Inder’s presentation.