Since it was the last day of all six week trainees, I told  my team  to pick up their pace as we need to get Souvenir printed. I told them to look for design patterns that could be used for background. Then I along with my team installed gimp, read some tutorials and  made some designs we could use for
Souvenir. After lunch we had a presentation on locating a site for nuclear power plant using Openjump. To do so, first we import a shape file of the geographical region (say a country). The shape file has all the information about the region’s boundaries, its drainage systems(rivers etc.) and many other. The decision as to where a nuclear power plant should be set up is based on various factors such as-

  • It is close to a freshwater resource.
  • The region has a stable ground i.e no earthquakes, volcano, landslides etc.
  • Away from human habitation.
  • May include some political or other factors.

All such constraints are applied and a as a result we will get only those areas which satisfy all the mentioned constraints and are hence suitable for setting up a nuclear power plant. It was a nice presentation. Such software helps in saving a lot of human effort and labour.

As it was the last day of Satwant’s training, there was a short farewell session at TCC. Sir gave Satwant a GSoc flag and a Google pen as a present. Even it was for Satwant I felt obliged that she is my student. I was not able to express my happiness :).