This Saturday, Vigas and Harman delivered a talk on entrepreneurship (starting a startup).  They shared their own experience and told about many  things and about may companies too. Listening to which you may think that you have to do lot many things to rise up in your life. It ended with a message that we need to wake up and acheive the things enthusiastically.

Later I tested MAC OSX on vigas laptop. I just feel in love with that OS :’). I always love apple products do not why :P. After working on OS X when I move back to Linux ( My OS ) it’s something glitch like feeling. It’s like I want to use OS X bit more, bit more :P.

Vigas also told us to make image of our OS, so that I near future if anything corrupted or deleted just load image and there is no need to install everything from scratch (like apache and all ). Just install image and you are done.

It was a good day, lots of leaning, inspiration. Specially a kick start for me 🙂