I was little tensed as the deadline for Souvenir was quite near. For consectively four days I was stuck with image uploading feature. With little bit help of Hitesh finally had my hands on it. But yet was not done with something like image cropping tool. I wanted to have some feature in which one uploads the picture, it is uploaded with name of one’s roll no (2291.png) and also it should automatically adjust to the size of approximately 50kb. My thursday’s journey was also quite beautiful. Also, there was a presentation on GRASS by Civil students. Even Sir asked to prepare it again but by CSE/IT students too. There was little discussion on Vim too. I must say that on an average I personally use Vim and Sublime editor equally. If one minute I am using Sublime and the other minute I find myself working on Vim. Sir pointed me as I was not with Sage Math work but I will definitely do it and these past days I was busy with Souvenir 😦