There was heavy burden on me as the deadlines were approaching very near. I had to cope up with the six weeks Souvenir project, the two new girls who wanted to learn web development and even my FElt project was lagging behind ( I didn’t even started yet 😦 ). Firstly I gave work to Souvenir team to make .pdf file and see the workflow how the data can be retrieved. There is lot of improvement in the way of working, they have all started asking, sharing their work on GD. Also, Satwant gave the presentation on Latex. It was quite good, she is preceding efficiently. There was little discussion that if CSS can serve the purpose of making a pdf without involving heavy downloads then why to use Latex. The conclusion was CSS couldn’t serve the imposition purpose, yet there some pitfalls in CSS.  The two girls didn’t came as there was had some urgent peice of work in college regarding fees, their work is pending :(. At last there was great discussion by Inder on how to work efficiently. He suggested to read the blogs, as it would enhance our knowledge, improving the speed of reading. He told to make proper schedules, to fix targets. Take 5 mins break after working for after every 25 minutes. We went into discussion of Lucid dreaming. It was a wonderful session:)))