So my day commenced with checking the codes of my team mates that have not been examined the last night as I slept :P.  After doing so I deputized Ravina for doing imposition in Latex, asked her to prepare five .pdf files and proceed with their imposition. Dubey and Satwant were told to study the Souvenir files, to go through how the database is fetched. Ah! the most important, my party from Gagan obviously I couldn’t miss that so I went out with him. By the time I came back the presentation was already started by Gunpreet and Arun. I choose them for this presentation, little bit guided and they did a wonderful job. It was really beyond my expectations. Also Sir appreciated me and I was like Wahooo 😛 but what I know is I had an awesome feeling like I have achieved something. It is truely said ” Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”. Now I have assigned the next task to Amit and Ashu on LaTeX, eagerly waiting for his presentation too:)