Today I realized that my team is bored working on the GUI part, they were just stuck on it.  From my point of view if anything is not done joyfully it would not shine as much as actually it should. So I recommended them to leave that part for some time and told them to try with something new like that of LaTeX. Yes, now I could see all of my trainees had glowing faces as now they have to catch something new. Their faces indicated that they are ready to take the new challenge and work with full momentum. I too gave them deadlines to accompilish their work It was not to put burden on them but when we want to rise up, we had to deal with such things, the most interesting part they met their deadlines and completed. Usually very few meet them but my team did:). The real joy given to me was by Ravina. I felt she was progressing quite slow so I motivated her a lot today and  my effort to motivate her was successfull. She was with her work at time. Exactly on 9:00 P.M, it’s just wonderful 🙂