Today when I woke up I was quite fresh and was ready to work to deal with yesterday’s pending problems. First I thought to sort up the difficulty I was facing with public_html. Browsed on duckduckgo and found the fourth link which said to place the default file of Apache from /var/www to /home/Deepak/public_html (/home/<user>/public_html). I did and it worked out. But on GD arshpreet said make a new file and place all the contents of
default file to new-file. I did according to him and it worked smoothly. I got a message from Vigas about how much I have done about models. I embarrassingly replied that I have just started. I searched more about models, there some kind of examples operating in different way then I was. I check out the other way too but didn’t followed it as it didn’t worked out. I decided to work the same way as I was doing, checked each everything again and again and found a very silly mistake:P that the values in views were small letters and in database capital. After adjusting out that it worked smoothly. 95% of work is done and Sir always it can either be 100% or 0%. So my target is still achieved but will cover it up:)