Last night I slept late, was working on Souvenir and obviously woke up late. I was having very much problems in understanding CodeIgniter models. I was thorough with Viewers and Controllers but not models :(. I was getting very much difficulty in catching out them. I was also feeling sleepy and went to sleep. I didn’t work out much today. Approximately after two hours I woke up and again started looking out for that, even Vigas tried to help me out but I was not able to solve my problem. I left it for sometime :(. Also I decided to do everything by proceeding with public_html and not by using /var/www. I easily installed and configured and it too worked out. But everything doesn’t go smoothly, obstacles do come in everyone’s path. So was with me as
when I placed my Souvenir folder in it, it showed Permissions Denied. Couldn’t figure it out that time and left all my work and went to sleep :(.