Sometimes acting rude acts a good lesson. Yesterday I was rude with Ravina and it taught her with a lesson that she needed to complete her work out as there was no output. When I entered she waved her hand with a hello, replied her and went back to my place as I was very much angry and didn’t wanted to talk to her as I was expecting the same thing that she would not be done with her work but she came and told to check up the work. I refused to do that and asked to share everything on GD so that everyone can know not only me. She again told me to check it once but my answer still remained the same. She went back and continued with herself. Satwant had some problem regarding the slider, she came for solving out that, discussed and sorted out
all the issues. I asked Ravina what she was proceeding with, at that time I saw her work and really she had done a good job. After that I again in little annoying manner told her all the things, my motive was to just make all the things understand to her, I am her mentor not enemy and its my duty, after all its all her benefits not mine, so I had to be little rude with her. I decided that I till both of them (Satwant and Ravina) to push everything on Github so that everyone can have a vision of what is being done. Even the boy Kaushal Dubey 😛 told that he had nothing much to work on Django right now and he wanted to help out in Souvenir. He have a good grasping or learning power and made a sign up page. Two new diploma girls were facing a problem with CGI, although I didn’t knew anything but I searched and helped them out. Also, they were using a nano editor, immediately told them not to use it and go for vim. They said they don’t have an idea to work out on that, asked them to make a C++ program using vim (my GD entry task :P) but their faces showed they were hungry to grasp the vim too:P And within an hour they did everything, found commands for saving, editing and all. This made me
feel honored as a senior 😛 The New Generation girls had a problem with CSS, I first told them to use it with some extensions like Sass, Less and others. Also the students face very much problem in Django. I am not also very much clear about it but when someone come to me for that I don’t know how I am able to clear their doubts 🙂 Its all God’s grace 🙂