From the yesterday night I was working on the Souvenir developing the About Us page. I worked approximately upto 3. When I reached TCC and
executed it, I noticed the biggest mistake which I have done that was I had divided the container 50% :(. I was in a big shock thinking how can I commit this type of mistake. This annoyed me a lot and thought I had spent a lot of time in doing all this and I set the target that I will correct all in an hour. Although I couldn’t complete it according to the target I had fixed but took 30-45 minutes additional to complete that. After that Sir came and he was dissappointed as we all were not done with the presentation. He told us to complete before leaving TCC. After that we divided the topics among us and worked on that. Also, Today I decided to use Virtual Enviornment which I have never used before. I taken the new OS from Jasvir and I successfully running into the Virtual Enviornment :). Today something funny too happened. I and Kaushik Dubey were trying to ping to each other. I filled his IP
address in my browser which was 146 and but it didn’t connected me to him. I randomly filled up 148, and it showed It works. Fortunately it was Ravina’s IP address and I could see everything what she does and what she not. And Ravina said “Bhaiya firstly there were problems with the OS and now when everything is fine you can look up all the things, now I am trapped :P”. I just remembered Sir’s words once he told that we people can see everything whatever you do on your laptops and I think this is one of the way 😛