Today I was bit late i.e 9:30 :). Today two of the students were facing some problem in Linux. I helped them for the installation of Linux. Also, Ravina had some problem the Wifi, helped to recover out from that. As today was the answer-sheet showing day, I went to see my answer sheets and it approx. too an hour to come back to TCC. On reaching TCC presentation was going on by Satwant it was related to pointers. She explained with the help of a simple program. It was very much interesting and also it cleared my concepts too :). After her presentation 5-10 minutes later Ravina gave presentation on the
technologies used in her project (Sass, Css, Compass etc). I was happy to see her giving the presentation as she did it confidently which being her mentor gave me feeling that yes she is learning something. After that we out for having lunch and again worked on Souvenir and I loved the idea given by Satwant and gave her sudo powers to proceed with that 😀