Firstly I decided to work on Latex. As I had done it the previous year I didn’t remember everything properly, so I had to be thorough with it. I have written everything on my blog, it provided me with the advantage saving time by searching and also everything became very much clear to me. I was done with it in half an hour or approx 45 minutes. I practiced with the designs too, by making a heart and star of my name:). After that I had a brief introduction of Sage Maths. I searched on and on and finally found Priyanka’s blog as the satisfactory one. I was confused whether to install it through a binary file or through the ppa. After thinking a little I decided to proceed through ppa installation only. But it was of 478 MB and the slow Internet did not supported the heavy downloading. Today I was facing very much problem because of the Internet. The connection was lost within 2-5 minutes and due that the locking process occurred again and again. I was very much irritated and decided to go out for lunch break so that I can refresh my mind too:P. When I came back again Internet problem annoyed me and I decided to go back at home and proceed further. When I came back home I was getting very much problems and errors in its installation. Finally on fetching a lot I got link, in which the installation was through binary file so I un-installed the ppa. It worked out for me. Next problem I was facing that both LaTeX and Sage Math were of different versions, didn’t knew how to link them. Again googled out and also checked the previous mails. Finally got Sir’s mail of 25th August 2011 :D. Read and followed that. Yes! it was solved. Now working on differential equations:) Also today I was very much happy as Sir told to take Satwant for Souvenir. The excitement with which I had started the project came back 🙂 as I was very much disappointed and I thought that this project will out of the list soon. I gave all necessary instructions to Satwant what to do, what to install, how to work and all. I shared my ideas and views with her and told her to share her thoughts also. Also, she too looked impressed and showed me all her eagerness and excitement to work on the project. This gave me a feeling of joy. Also Ravina was told everything again as she was not clear 😦 Actually her system was not working properly for the last two days. But finally everything sorted out today and I decided to tell her once more about how to work and proceed. She had a fear of working with compass, so I did everything in front of her on my laptop. I gave her a task to work on Sass, compass, HTML and Css. I asked her output too but till now no response. Hoping for the best tomorrow.