Linux user? Want to hide your personal data from others? I got a trick :- Stagnography

What is stagnography?
It is an art and science of encoding the hidden message in such a way that no one, apart from sender and intended recipient have the idea of existence of message. The goal of cryptography is to make data unreadable by third party, the goal of stagnography is to hide data from third party.

How to use it?

  • Install the following command
    $ sudo apt-get install steghide
  • Make New folder say “Stagnography” and place your stuff inside it. I tested it with “.txt” file and “.jpg” image.
  • Open Terminal (Ctrl+Shift+T)  and go to Stagnography folder
    $ cd Stagnography
  • In order embedd secret file, audio, video etc. into image type following in the terminal
    $ steghide embed -ef secretFile.txt -cf Image.jpg
    • -ef, –embedfile   :   select file to be embedded
    • -cf, –coverfile     :   select cover-file

      This will prompt to enter a passphrase twice. Choose/Set any passphrase.

  • If you don’t want to embedd secret file into origional file, you can try following and create new image file
    $ steghide embed -ef secretFile.txt -cf Image.jpg -sf newImage.jpg
  • To extract file from image run following command
    $ steghide extract -sf myimage.jpg