Firstly I needed to work on Souvenir as I have given a deadline to my team members. So, I worked on Souvenir, even while working on it I was facing some errors but I managed to solve them quickly. Then, Ravina one of my team member was told on how to proceed. As I had chosen Sass as one of the technology to be used on I gave her little introduction on Sass and told little bit about CodeIgniter. Rest I told to read more from the Internet and after that she was assigned a task to design a page with the help of Sass. But she was confused about some things I simply told to first make her own efforts to search from Internet or to share the problem at GD. I didn’t want to give her spoon-feeding that is why I was little rude with her but yet after doing all this I have got no response from her side till now. Second team member Ashu was confused to work either on Automation or Souvenir. I was little disappointed but clearly mentioned him to tell clearly what he really wants as I don’t want to be at loss at the end or talk to the Sir. But he told that he cannot leave automation:(. There was one member in GD among the freshers who was facing grub error in Gnome. Again I don’t wanted anyone to rely on someone else. So I didn’t solve his problem but instead gave him a very little info, hints that can solve his problem. But for the whole time I sat beside him until he couldn’t solve that. I think he was motivated as he solved his problem himself. His happiness made me feel happy too giving me the feeling that I motivated someone :). After that there was a presentation on virtual environment. After the presentation some of the next-gen members (girls) had some doubts on it. I clarified their doubts. Also some of the Django people were facing some problems. I just solve them and a I helped to upgrade their Django version from 1.45 to 1.7. Also one was muddled up with the issue of partitioning. I sorted it out too. Ah! all day in helping others make me happy besides telling me that I am free :P. To solve my issue of  being idle Sir helped out :P. He came to check out and to discuss what we are struggling or learning  nowadays. Also during the discussion Sir asked who are the people with no work or no projects assigned. The only one to raise up the hand was me :P. Every-time he tried to tell me what to proceed with some other discussion started. This continued till the end. At the end Sir was moving out of the room, I stopped me telling that I am still left. Everyone started laughing. But finally at the end I was assigned with some work. Project that I got is FElt I didn’t searched it till now but I think it stands for finite element analysis.