Today I started my day with Soverneir project, I started learning and searching about CodeIgniter so that I can help my team memebers. I was just learning about it and was guiding and helping my team members. Also, today I strictly specified the days for the completion of particular target as the progress rate is quite low. I strictly instructed them no excuses from now onwards, and no delays. After that there was a presentation by Satyam Malhotra on 3-D printers, which I found too good and interesting. Also, there was a rumuor about the result since morning and finally just five to ten minutes after the presentation the result was out. I was very much tensed before the result was out, was not able to work with free mind. But I got good marks and some time just passed like this only, discussing the results :P. After that the juniors needed some help. One or two were confused regarding the term virtual enviornment, cleared that out. I told them to run my previous  soverneir project in virtual enviornment so that they are perfectly clear with no confusions and it was already 5:30 that is time to lock tcc :P.