Today I reached college at 9, entered TCC hall and started working as the script of BRL-CAD that I made the previous day was not working properly. I was very much eager to resolve that and finally a sigh of relif after solving it. Then I just went out with Gagan to have something as I was very much hungry:P.  After that I was going to work but internet problem stopped me. Although Gurjot and Jasvir was managing it quite well but it took time and finally after an hour or two my internet connection successfully established. The six week trainees to whom I was mentoring also needed help from me. I explained the framework, technologies and working process to deal with the sovernier project and also dealt with their problems. After that at about 3 presentations for BRLCAD, openscade, FreeCAD started and I too gave the presentation on BRl-CAD. Also I was assigned a task by sir that was when someone clicks at some point on map, the marker must appear and latitude, longitude, location can be manually entered and after that it must show a map with all the manually entered things. Finally I was able to do that by 5:30, also Hitesh and Albert helped me out. Then the 6 weeks trainee Raveena came to me(working on soverneir)as she was facing the installation process of the Laurable framework and she was feeling quite low as she was not able to do it completely but I motivated her.