Today was second day of my 6 month traning. As a fact that sun rises. I woke up, took bath and breakfast (hmm no break-fast this morning as I woke up bit late this morning). When I reached at traning place I was full of hunger, with that hunger I was feeling somewhat like bear grylls, give me anything I could eat :). I ate little bit stuff from outside but with that little bit not gonna stop my hunger because I need alot, alot means ALOT. After putting entery on attendence register I went to my place, opened laptop and started coding. After few hours later my friend  Chanpreet called me as she was not able to understand how to deal with BRL-CAD work that sir had assigned her day before. Ah! BRL-CAD I stopped my work and got invloved with her. After some search and reading I explored my previous concept that I had done before. And within fer minutes I was able to clear her doubts, even I have made an geometry with two of the three methods that are used in BRL-CAD i.e union and intersection. At mid-noon Harmanpreet arrived and give a brief introduction about how to do scripting. With his intro we were able to make script and export “.g” in different formats. As it was not my work but still I got into it. At evening time my another friend Charu called me she was facing problem too but in opensCAD (totally new to me) but somehow I was able to clear her problem. I don’t know who but I cleared Phew!.

Sir offered my 6 weeks project i.e Souvenir to next generation 6 weeks traning student. Wallah! Sir decieded that I should mentor. When Sir spoke Mr. Deepak will mentor you, that moment was awesome. Mr. Deepak Wah! :). Later on I explained my souvenir project to next generation team. Many agree to work on it but unfortunaltly I was commanded to take only 2 students. I choose that student who were ready to work on it. At last I explained about souvenir in detail to two of them plus my ideas that I want to see in new souvenir. Both of them looks exicted to work on souvenir let’s see what happened! Stay tuned.