LaTeX as you all know that professional typesetting document. I always thought that LaTeX is used for making typeset documents like reports, professional letters, articles and so on.Later i came to know that we can make presentation in LaTeX using beamer, i was shocked and impress. Hmm LaTeX not so bad. I decided to learn more about LaTeX so when i was getting my 6 weeks training in mean time i use to work on LaTeX like adding text in different shapes eg: in heart shape, star shape, shield shape and picture in text, changing it’s color and adding background image. I know you all thought what professional thing in that but for me this is professional.
                           After learning that much stuff, i planned to stop LaTeX for a while because my project deadline just behind the corner and LaTeX left behind but today one more LaTeX born and this time i was shocked. I can’t even imaging that we can make 3-D stuff in LaTeX. Let’s look at some example that i made :
Cartiziengrid  Floroscence :P

These are some examples that i learn little bit how to make stuff like that. What want more okay there i am :
Ion_beam_microscopetitle page

Above is you choice now see what i like 🙂


This is for Santa-clause 😀 😀 😀 😀
xmas   firework

How i forget this :-O.