“To achieve something you, you have to lose something.”
I think i took above line EXTREMELY seriously

After completing my documentation and script on souvenir, i feel relaxed. It’s like heaven in hell haha :). Just for checking purpose i planned to install it on my machine to see how it looks. I ran my script and OH MY GOSH! within 4 minutes souvenir installed. That souvenir which i installed in 13 days now that souvenir i just few minutes game huh 😛 but still i need to do some changes in script like if-else condition, ping and so on. Once again script was ready to run.  After install 3-4 things it stuck in the middle now what happen? It was not coming out from from loop i used to press CTRL+C, CTRL+D but nothing happened. So i decided to press CTRL+Z and crap happen do no how some lines from scripts vanished 😦 x-(. Why Why Why? Bad news is that i failed to took backup of that script and without backup, life of Information Technology student is like hell. I need to make script as fast as i can because i have to test it once again and my presentation day just behind the corner. I planned to wake up full night and complete my script.  On 2 August i wake up at 9 and approximately at 10  i was on my laptop and ready to boost. I was on sitting with my laptop one full day i know how i spent that time. Haha one full day aprrox. 3 August 7 am.  I don’t know why i took so much time. I feel tired to i planned to take a nap. When i woke up i felt uncomfortable and after sometime i realized that i was having fever :(. Today I feel little bit okay otherwise my condition is like that i was not able to concentrate on my laptop screen :(. That one day spoils my three more days 😦 but i still doing coding 😛 😀 no one can stop me. Why? because i want to complete that souvenir as fast as i can after that i want to work on QT. To get project on qt i can do anything 😉 :P.