🙂 🙂 Feeling so happy you know why because data retrieving process completed and also pdf pages of that data generated too. One thing left front and last page and staff members pdf output where they all wrote comments about souvenir. I searched alot in my files about above mentioned stuff but i didn’t find them without wasting time i planned to meet rai sir and tell him about my problem. He searched too but no luck. He asked me why shouldn’t i design all that stuff and i was like “DAHH!!” what? I don’t know anything about designing, i don’t even use that gimp and inkspace  :(. Mind start questing how should you do that, are you that much capable, now what you do? And i was like okay no problem i do that. I asked sir okay i do that. Even i was happy as it was new challenge for me.  Time to face and win that challenge.