Sunday. I love this day not me but everyone love this day. Reason why i love this day is not that it’s a holiday, no work just rest. No. Every Sunday is special for me  even luckier for me because previous sunday i completely retrieved data from MySQL which was stucked from a so long time and this sunday almost everything regarding complete i.e data retrieval, typesetting and imposition work. Beside work sunday is the only day when i use to play guitar and keyboard. I am not master in these instruments but just for relaxation, for enjoyment i use to play these instruments. On sunday i use to visit at temple, me not always visited to temple but sunday is the only day when is used  to visit at temple. Temple where i use to visit is ‘GHAUN DHAM” or Lord Krishna temple. I don’t know what thing attract me, force me to go there. Whenever i go there i feel like i am in heaven i don’t wanna go home that birds chippering, bhajan sound awwh relaxed love that <3. I wish if there will be 2 sunday in a week i spend one day at that temple.