Yes! Finally souvenir re-born. I changed it. For me it’s time to celebrate because souvenir which is running from last 5-6 years with that old white look got changed. And i can proudly say that i am the one who changed it. In this world nothing is lewd, only less attraction toward that thing give a tag of lewd. Like my attraction toward that old souvenir decreases similarly there are many who passes through my stage. Why? Because no one care what others want to see, what others like or dis-like. To gain success we not only have to focus on our thoughts but others though too. By doing this the outcome is turned out more than your exceptions. Same happened with me when i planned to change souvenir first thing i done that i took reviews from others that what changes they want in souvenir css or looks. Everyone gave different views that they want this thing, they want that color bla! bla!. So many option in front of me but i have to choose that thing by which everyone get satisfied for that i mix everyone’s need + my need and changed souvenir. And when i showed it to everyone, each and every single person get shocked when they saw new look in souvenir and everyone get satisfied with color scheme:).Β  This is one of the my small achievement from my upcoming achievements πŸ˜‰ and rest of them are on the way πŸ˜› :P.