Yesterday Rai sir provide me full souvenir and today i am approximately done with that just imposition work left. I was shocked and questioning myself howz that possible o.O? Don’t know but i am done with it. Damm happy. Before move on to imposition work i want to do few changes in my project. Today i asked all my fellows to fill data in souvenir so that i can test i.e how to retrieve data, make souvenir etc. I asked all of them to add any size photograph but in my project there is written to add only password size photographs but i wanna test what will happen if they add photo beyond it’s condition. So few of them read it nicely and by following rule they add password size photograph but few of them add 2mb, 3mb size photograph. That’s what i want. When i retrieved data i found few’s photo was okay i.e according to what my requirement said it to be but few of them was not okay. Some photo’s displaying only nose and some showing only background. So i planned to use something like that when user’s upload their photo crop option pops up and they crop their face or passport size photograph. Question was in my mind and that question move to google search, after few minutes answer is in goolge search and from there it moved to into my mind. It’s like give me blood, i will give freedom :). I found tool named jcrop which is used to crop images in web applications. It is some what like image cropping tool which pops up in facebook when we applying our profile pic. Time to use that new tools and experiment on it. 🙂 🙂 All hail me. (Y)