Finally i got full souvenir package _/\_. Yesterday sir composed an e-mail for me, in that mail there is a link from where i can download rest of my souvenir. Hush! finally i can say that back to basics. It took to much time. In between that time period i prepared my presentation on ‘LaTeX’ and learn what imposition is? How to use it in LaTeX. I think i have to work on souvenir as fast as i can because time period is short. Now i have to work on souvenir, prepare my presentation. FEM project ‘Calculix’. So much work to do within limited period of time. SO MUCH WORK but i happy and relaxed. I know i can do that so easily just little bit  concentration and i am done. I can say that i am that much able that i can face any problem happily. Like rai sir always use to said that “ALWAYS WELCOME PROBLEMS”. Following rai sir path _/\_.