Bumblebee 3.2 is supported from Ubuntu version 12.04 up to 13.04.

Basic Setup

You need to open your terminal and enter the commands below. If on 12.04.2, replace
linux-headers-generic with linux-headers-generic-lts-quantal.

  •       sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bumblebee/stable
  •       sudo apt-get update

Install Bumblebee using the default proprietary nvidia driver:

  •       sudo apt-get install bumblebee virtualgl linux-headers-generic
  •       Reboot

      Advanced Setups

For advanced users, if you do not want to use the proprietary nvidia driver or 32-bi
libraries (for example, if you are only interested in power savings), you can do your
custom installation.

Minimal setup :

  •       sudo apt-get install –no-install-recommends bumblebee


If you’re unsatisfied with Bumblebee, you can remove it via:

  •       sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
  •       sudo ppa-purge ppa:bumblebee/stable

If you want to keep some programs from the bumblebee repository, you can also
suffice by removing Bumblebee only (including its dependencies):

  •        sudo apt-get purge bumblebee
  •        sudo apt-get –purge autoremove